Our history

Our history

Vision Impossible was founded in 2000, when Martijn Adema, Berry van Dijk and Ruben Langedijk teamed up to form a new motion graphics studio. Martijn already had some years of experience as a VJ in the rapidly growing dance scene of Amsterdam in the nineties. Meanwhile, he worked closely together with art school classmate Berry to make videoclips and character animations. When Martijn's childhood friend and graphic art student Ruben joined in, the team was complete. In the early years they played their visuals in every club in Amsterdam and even hosted their own club night in Amsterdam's cradle of veejays, club Mazzo. Their big break came when they were asked to join the creative team behind the next sensation in the Dutch dance scene; club Kremlin. Here, their ideas on design, promotion and themes for dancenights perfectly fell into place with the rise of internet dance communities and the emerging Dutch trance scene.

When Kremlin disappeared in 2004, they were asked to become the resident veejays for the successful club Martixx, where they stayed for the next 6 years. During this period they were frequently asked for the big dance events and festivals. They also played abroad in cities like Rio, Miami, L.A. and Las Vegas and even did a revolutionary DJ-VJ set in Malaysia and Prague. In 2007 Vision Impossible was asked to create and operate the visuals for the world's leading dance event Sensation and join them on their world tour. 

In recent years their attention also gradually shifted to other kind of events besides the dance scene. Their experience proved to be very useful for a whole range of other projects as well. For the last six years they directed the enormous LED wall of Holland's most popular pop event, " Vrienden van Amstel Live", and the stadium concerts of Guus Meeuwis, one of the most popular Dutch singers. Step by step they also became experts in creating the visual backdrops for pop concerts, business events and award shows.

In 2010 Vision Impossible was asked to design a show with a new popular technique called 3D projection mapping. The location was the impressive old town hall of Berlin. The visitors experienced a show in which the dramatic history of the city was told in combination with spectacular visual effects. The success of this project generated enough attention to keep the team busy for the rest of the year and to work on a lot more 3D projection shows in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Paris. 2011 saw the birth of yet another application for video projection when the team created a range of innovative shows in combination with dance performances. The ultimate highlight came in early 2012, when  'Vrienden van Amstel Live' asked Vision Impossible to design an opening show that featured both projection and performance mapping. The spectacular result was seen live by more then 100.000 people, broadcasted on national television and stunned the entertainment industry. Still the artists of Vision Impossible have not forgotten their roots. In 2007 they joined forces with their colleague veejays Sense to create the worlds first VJAcademy. Free of charge, they now teach a new generation of visual enthusiasts what it takes to be veejays and motion graphics artists. This way they remain a source of influence on the dance scene, expand their team and stay in touch with new developments.

Nowadays, the Vision Impossible studio hosts a growing and professional team where friendship and the love for music and art events remain the most important values.