The team

This is vision impossible


Martijn Adema founded Vision Impossible 15 years ago to make a living out of his love for events, music and art. He graduated from art school in Computer Animation and Image Synthesis and is a master in 3D animation, compositing and art direction. Martijn also handles most of the business part of the company.

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Berry van Dijk is also a graduated master in computer animation and his skills in 3D modeling and compositing are truly exceptional. His dedication as a senior project manager makes him very much appreciated by our clients.

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Ruben Langedijk studied as a graphic designer and is the third partner of Vision Impossible. He is an expert in motion graphics and video compositing. Ruben handles the financial aspects of the company, but he is also active as a techno DJ and producer.

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Daniel van Veldhoven a.k.a “El Rayo” is a passionate VJ and computer graphics artist. You will not likely find anyone who is more devoted to the art of live visuals then Daniel. His drive, efficiency and obession with the latest technological developments make Daniel a very valuable addition to Vision impossible.


Rene te Riele graduated as a Digital Media Designer in Hilversum. He was among the first class of VJ academy students and was noted for his creative skills. Now he is a very talented video compositor and a dedicated project manager. His work always leads to impressive results.


Floris de Haan is our extremely talented music composer and producer. His experience in composing for musicals makes him very suitable for our projects. Floris is also a very versatile musician. From impressive classical masterpieces to rolling beats, he always comes up with the perfect soundtrack for our visuals.