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December 01, 2010

Indoor projection mapping

Vision Impossible was asked to do a mapping project in one of Berlin's most prestigious locations; the Alte Stadthaus. The occasion was a dinner for the business partners of NWR, a big mining company from Central Europe. The projection movie has two parts. In the first part we wanted the audience to experience the extrodinary history of Berlin from 1910 to 1990. The fall of the Wall has a special meaning to the audience since it gave the chance of free enterprise and liberty for most of the people who used to live behind the Iron curtain. The second part exploited the possibilities of projection mapping on an indoor location. While this was an awesome opportunity to surround the audience with the effect of almost 360 degrees projection, that also limited the possibilities because the viewer positions were very different to eachother and the location of the projectors. To our knowledge, this is the biggest indoor projection mapping that has ever been done. Five projectors covered a surface of about a thousand square meters.